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Hopbot is unlike any other curbside notification service. It’s browser based so there’s no mobile app to download for your customers. It’s simple. No need for expensive or complicated geolocation systems to track your customers whereabouts. It pays for itself! You’ll never miss an opportunity to up-sell to potential spur of the moment purchases from your customers. We handle the setup and the maintenance. 

How it works

Learn how easy it is for customers to notify you when they arrive curbside.

Your customer purchases an item from your online store or over the phone. They provide identifying information for their car make, model, and color. You provide them with a HOPBOT link in their confirmation email.

Your customer arrives to pickup their item. They park in a designated curbside pickup stall. Provide a sign reminding your customer to click on the link in their email. They open their email and click on the HOPBOT link.

The HOPBOT link redirects your customer to a notification form. They fill out the form with their Name, Order number, and any last minute add-ons they’d like to purchase. Finally they submit the form.

The submitted form and its information is sent to your email and/or your mobile phone via sms. Once notified you can fullfill your customers order and have them pay for any add-ons at the curb.



Connect your email address and receive near real-time email notifications.


Connect your phone number and receive near real-time SMS notifications*


Generate more revenue with up-selling or add-ons at the curb.

Simple Setup

No programming, no mobile app, no physical equipment needed. Just sign up and get a link. We handle the setup and maintenance.

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